2022 Sustainability Report

Emccamp initiatives on the social and environmental front, covers several aspects, both internal and external. Environmental impact management, promotion and diffusion of a culture that values the environment, are carried out through the implementation of best practices and processes to ensure compliance with environmental legislation, in order to promote a culture of sustainable project management.

Following our projects

In addition to the initiatives presented above, Emccamp:

  • Work with suppliers that owns the necessary active environmental licenses
  • Replaces the use of wood with concrete moulds
  • It uses materials such as (Brita Graduada Simples) or gravel purchased from companies that recycle waste from other constructions.
  • It includes in its projects a store space to capture Rainwater and reuse for cleaning common areas
  • Offers individualized water meters
  • Implementation of composters at the construction site to reuse inputs for fertilizing native seedling plantations in our projects.

Revitalization Project

With the proposal to improve the environmental quality of a previously degraded area, the Company delivered a structure with a green area and space for leisure and sports in the Paulo VI district. The area of ​​the park is just over 71,000 m², with the construction of the space, the soil deficit was corrected, the spring was recovered and seedlings of different species were planted. In addition, as a leisure structure offered in the area, gym equipment for the “Academia a Céu Aberto”, sports courts, a skate park and a playground were installed to serve the 12 residential projects in the Parque Cerrado.


The Company works for cultural promotion by supporting projects that increase the access of children and teenagers to cultural production in all artistic areas and teach them on how to preserve the environment.

Participation in projects through education 

The Company carried out the “Environmental and Sanitary Education Action” for residents of the region of the current Parque Cerrado project. On the occasion, educational activities and games were held with the children about the correct classification and separation of waste.

The Company’s environmental team launched a booklet with actions aimed at the conservation and preservation of the existing green area around the Residencial Espanha project. Seeking the engagement of the population surrounding the Residencial Espanha project, the Company sought support from the schools in the region, which together held a practical class on environmental preservation and conservation.


Launch of the Santa Bárbara D’Oeste City’s Public Library

In 2018, the Company signed with the city of Santa Bárbara D’Oeste/SP a donation term for the Municipal Public Library, covering the entire construction until final delivery to the Municipality and its residents, at no cost to the city.

Nossa Atuação Contra o Coronavírus

Aware of the significant social impacts that the state of pandemic due to the global dissemination of COVID-19 has caused and has caused, the Company carried out and participated in several initiatives to stop the spread.

Cestou Solidário – Solidarity Basket – Donations of a thousand basic food baskets – COVID-19

The Company carried out a campaign to donate one thousand food baskets to needy and vulnerable families in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, especially those impacted by the pandemic and its consequences.

Donations to hospitals – COVID-19

In an initiative coordinated by the Civil Construction Industry Union (Sinduscon-MG), the Company, together with other construction companies associated with the Union, contributed with donations for the emergency fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, for the purchase of individual protection equipment (PPEs) and other essential items for state hospitals located in Belo Horizonte.

Sponsorship of Live do Bem – 98FM – COVID-19

The Company sponsored the program Live do Bem, on radio 98 FM, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, which made donations to people impacted by the decree of a state of public calamity by the COVID-19 pandemic.